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Friday, 26 February 2016

VOTE FROM SATURDAY FOR NEW BROADWAY PARK | Tesco Bags of Help & Neighbourhood Forum

Please can you share our image below with your social network if you live in or around Mill Hill Broadway.

Tesco's community help scheme will be funding a fantastic initiative from Mill Hill Neighbourhood Forum to create a Pocket Park (we will bring you the plans later but you can check them out on their Facebook page).  This would be an ideal place for sitting and small events to bring the Broadway together in a way that has never been possible before.

This is vital to launch the Broadway project that the Forum are working on - which will be fantastic for all who live and work in the area to improve our wonderful main street and make it greener and friendlier for everyone.

So from TOMORROW SATURDAY 27 FEBRUARY please visit TESCO EXPRESS as often as you can over the next week, You will get a token at the checkout (Same as Waitress does) and you need to place it in the MILL HILL POCKET PARK container.  If you go as a group - then all pay separately so you get a token each !  and I do not see any bar on how many visits you can make to the shop !! It is a great store with loads of great offers at present.

We will bring you a DAILY UPDATE on here about how the TOKEN PILE is looking !!! so stay in touch with BROADWAY NEWS AND BLOG from Saturday.

Right click to copy this image onto your PC and then share it on your posts on Twitter / Facebook / e mail and everything else to people you know in the area. Thank you.

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