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Friday, 5 February 2016

TESCO SITE LATEST | Working through the night to ensure opening date met

We can report that there are now workers on site round the clock fitting out the new store. This is to make sure that the opening date on Tuesday is met.

Over the last 24 hours the shopfront has almost been completed and it looks very smart and blends really well with the other shops.  Inside all the shelving and checkouts are now in.  There is a new smart cash dispenser in the shopfront as well.

We will bring a photograph once this final phase is complete.  The signage is now lit as well at night.

Tescos have created the first large new store on Broadway since Iceland in just a few months. It should be state of the art from what we can see so far and next week we will take a look inside on opening day and bring you a full description and review of what it offers to shoppers on the Broadway.  Of course if you are able to come down on Tuesday that would be great as well - it is open each day until 11p.m - and parking is free in the evenings.

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