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Wednesday, 10 February 2016

SPECIAL OFFERS THIS WEEK and PRICES | Tesco Mill Hill Broadway

As you go around the store there are YELLOW PRICE STICKERS with all the special deals that are on offer in Tesco. Making it a worthwhile trip this week for your weekly shop or for lunch snacks or cakes !

Here are some examples we found :

BANANAS ( Loose and fresh by the front door)   18p each
KENCO COFFEE                                               £2
CARTE NOIRE COFFEE                                    £2.45
5 (FIVE) JAM DOUGHNUTS                             £0.68 !!!

and there are wholefoods including in the rice section

and in the WATER section

TESCO ASHFORD 2L SPARKLING WATER                 £1.41   ( Offers on Highland Spring as well)

Please post any other offers you find that others would be interested in - it was too busy to go around with a notepad yesterday and there seems to be no list - therefore you really need to get down to the store ASAP and check out all the deals.

We have had thousands of views this week of these articles about the new Tesco showing the huge interest in the opening.

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