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Friday, 12 February 2016

SOMETHING FOR THE WEEKEND | The 5 Most Popular Products on Broadway

Mill Hill Broadway at Dusk in the Rush Hour rain
So you are coming to Broadway shopping this weekend or just to jump on the shuttle to the Saracen's match on Sunday.  Here is our rundown of the FIVE most popular things to buy on Broadway this week :

1.  BANANAs at the new TESCO EXPRESS
For just 18p Tesco have been selling incredibly tasty banana opposite their front entrance.   Each day hundreds have been bought.  Every day they sell out.  Deliveries are being made constantly to keep up from Tesco HQ. Incredible and locals have dubbed this "Bananageddon" !!!   Try one and you will see why for 18p they are so great.At 2p.m Friday they are fully back in stock for the weekend with full shelves.

2. ALMOND CROISSANTS from GREGGS (Tesco Express as well)
Since Sapori closed the only place to get a fantastic Almond Croissant to go with your morning coffee has been Greggs.  At just 90p they are great value and are some of the best we have tasted.  You have to be early to get one. Greggs opens at 9 on a Sunday morning and often then are gone by 10.   They are having bigger stock now the word is out. Available every day but usually sold out by lunchtime.  If they sell out then TESCO EXPRESS is stocking them and Chocolate Croissants for just 83p in their bakery section.

3. 5 DOUGHNUTS (Custard or Jam) for 68p at the new TESCO EXPRESS
Another amazing bakery offer has seen these flying off the shelves of the bakery section in Tesco. This Friday get someone in there early to buy for your office/business before all are gone. At 68p for 5 they are really amazing value.  4 Iced doughnuts for £1.21 are also available.

4. New Recipe BELGIAN BUNS 2 for £1  GREGGS
These are on the left side as you enter.  Again these packs sell out by the end of the day.  The new recipe is delicious but irresistible.

5.   3 Doughnuts for £1  GREGGS
Another popular offer in the front of Greggs as you enter.  Usually sold out by the afternoon. But if you cant get the 5 from Tesco it is worth trying here.

Lots of sugary treats in the list but the healthy choice is at NUMBER ONE.

Happy shopping on Broadway this weekend.  Come down and visit the cafes for Coffee and restaurants for Brunch or Dinner.  The Broadway will be buzzing this weekend with Saracens fans invading on Sunday. They are very welcome and we hope they will spend some time on the street before and after they catch the shuttle.

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