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Monday, 15 February 2016


If you are thinking of visiting Broadway this week for shopping or coffee then the good news for drivers is that the on road parking was empty this morning until nearly 10a.m and  there are still spaces at 11a.m.   Half Term means the roads are clear and quiet and the early morning shopping drivers are absent.  This is an ideal time to come down and the sun is shining although it is quite cold.

This week we will be bringing you a new EVENTS GUIDE for the Broadway. So look out for that. In addition our SARACEN's GUIDE is well on the way and should be ready by the end of the month.

Thanks to everyone for sharing articles - just click on the button on the bottom to share direct to FACEBOOK or TWITTER etc.  You get the chance to  add your own message as well.  Try it on an article you think other people would be interested in. You can post to your own timeline or send as a direct message to a friend.

The more we advertise the area the more successful it will be become and more prosperous. 

Finally work has begun in the popular SAPORI Italian Restaurant - we do not know the opening plans but will bring you them as soon as we hear.

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