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Monday, 22 February 2016

MOTHERS DAY MILL HILL | Guide to Restaurants - Book Early

Mothers Day or Mothering Sunday which falls this year on SUNDAY 6 MARCH  is traditionally a day when families get together and go out to eat.  It does get very busy in North West London and on the Broadway that is no different.  We do suggest  you book your table in advance.

Here is our GUIDE to the options that you have on the Broadway and if you click on the name of the restaurants you are interested in it will take you to their page with Phone Number - Weblinks - Menu Links and Photos.


There are two excellent restaurants we would recommend for families which are LEYLA which has a Turkish menu and is very relaxed with families and of course the PIZZA EXPRESS chain restaurant which is large and also is very relaxed with families.  Check them out by clicking on the links - both are experienced at having large family groups and will put tables together.

Pizza Express Mill Hill Broadway


The two Indian restaurants on the Broadway offer good value and suitable meal options for large groups.  MILL HILL TANDOORI opposite the station and THE DAY OF THE RAJ which is at the A1 end of the Broadway. Get booked in !  if you like Indian food - there are other options on both menus.


There are several restaurants which really suit this.  HALF FULL is especially good with their Paella and Spanish influenced meals in a lovely restaurant in the middle of the Broadway.  Very experienced  at having large adult groups and will put the tables together for you.  DOMENICO the new Italian restaurant could be a good idea if you are looking for a new experience and have lived in the area for years - again it is very easy for them to combine tables.  Very popular with lunchtime workers and shoppers it has an extensive menu and is bright and light.  THE GOOD EARTH on the A1 end of the Broadway is also ideal for groups wishing to share Chinese food with several set menus.


The largest restaurant on the Broadway is PREZZO and if you like their meal offerings or have offer vouchers then this is a great idea.  It is large enough to maintain privacy and has a large bar area as well for socialising. In addition there are also the Chinese and Japanese restaurants if you wish to have a sharing type of meal KOI and ZUSHI.

COFFEE AND CAKE / Light Lunches Options

If you find that everywhere you want to go has booked up then why not head for our daytime restaurants which offer amazing coffee - cake - and lunches.   There is the very popular BLUEBELLEs which has the best cakes on Broadway - there is FRATTELLIs which does various Italian food including Paninis and Cake and you also have YUMMIES which does wonderful bagels and has plenty of seating.   So if a big meal out is not what you want then this is another option for Mother's Day and you just turn up and eat !

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