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Sunday, 7 February 2016

LET SARACENS HAVE 15,000 Capacity Every Week ! | April 9th Invasion of Broadway

We have been very vocal in our support of SARACENS RFC basing themselves in Mill Hill since 2010 when they announced their move (click on the label below to read old articles).  The shuttle service brings thousands of fans to Mill Hill Broadway every game and we appreciate their custom on the Broadway and they have helped many businesses to thrive in the recessionary years.

On April 9th SARACENS will have a 15,000 capacity at their European Rugby match for a one off granted by Barnet Council.  This is excellent news and we hope that this capacity can be put in place for all large games at Allianz Arena.

We are really lucky to have SARACENS RFC based here in Mill Hill.  They are the top club in English Rugby and one of Europe's leading clubs.  They work tirelessly in the community and have done ever since they were based in Southgate.  To have them here in Mill Hill is a total privilege and puts the area on the World sports map. A 15,000 capacity stadium is not a problem for our area to be used at that capacity for a limited number of occasions a year.  It helps the area and provides excitement in the area for businesses and everyone else.

The more successful that Saracen's can be as a club then the more they will be able to do in our community.  It is time we all embraced this fantastic club and help them to grow - in my view a stadium of 20,000 is probably the limit for the site but that would be fine for a few hours a month with most Mill Hill residents if it helps to keep local retailers and pub landlords in profit !!!  It benefits us all and it is great to say to friends outside the area that we live next to the home of a famous sports club.  You do not see the residents of St John's Wood or the Oval or Twickenham (all very affluent) complaining about their iconic sports grounds. So I would hope that Barnet Council the handful of nimbys who seem to moan at everything are kept in perspective. We have real gripes with the skyscraper plan at Pentavia Park to fight - that would destroy Mill Hill's views and atmosphere - that is the battle for us all to fight. The rugby club improves the area - simple.

Saracen's fans are very welcome on the Broadway.  Take the train - arrive early on the Broadway for drinks and meals - come after the game to celebrate (we hope) and eat and drink until late.  You are very welcome and in recognition of the increase in capacity we feel we will now create a SARACEN's FANS GUIDE to the Broadway to help you get the best out of your visit to our humble shopping/restaurant centre | keep checking back and we will tweet the FANS sites when it is ready for you to read.

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