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Saturday, 6 February 2016


The HSBC Bank will be closing its Broadway branch on 26 February.  We do urge all customers of this branch to swap their accounts to another Bank on Broadway.  The Nat West is a particularly good bank with very helpful staff and is generally better than the HSBC for most things.   We need to make sure we support our local business's and keeping banks open does make the area profitable.  We also urge all those who bank with "Foreign" banks in the City to move their accounts to a local branch of a UK based bank.  This would also help the local economy.  Mill Hill should not be seeing bank closures if everyone who lived here banked locally.

This now leaves a DEAD AREA of the Broadway where SAPORI remains closed - the two small units rarely open - and Boni Caro has an empty unit at present.   It is a real shame that this has happened.

We do not know who will take over the HSBC Branch but it would be excellent if the Broadway could attract a budget chain restaurant such as Nandos or McDonalds so that the younger generations could be catered for.  The main problem with the offering on Broadway is that it is dominated by an older generation and we need to get younger shoppers and visitors onto the Broadway so that it can thrive. McDonalds now have very tasteful and wide ranging menus - and we have no restaurant like it on Broadway.  Nandos likewise provides Portugese/South American  style food which is not represented on Broadway yet and would attract families to eat. It is reasonably priced. At present we have amazing Italian - Asian - and European restaurants on Broadway.

Please comment if you have any views on any of this. Your comments are very welcome.

1 comment:

  1. With half of the clothes shop vacant as well as HSBC, perhaps something bigger is already planned for the space. And as for the MH HSBC branch, their hours weren't very customer friendly (15:30 weekday closing?!?) so I don't think they'll be missed, and I'm saying this as an HSBC customer. MetroBank (there is one is Edgware) is another UK banking option, with every-day-of-the-week opening hours.

    I agree that the new Tesco is a positive for the area, but I would rather not see a big fast/casual restaurant like McDonald's or Nando's on the Broadway. Let's have more small & independent businesses, or perhaps a good health food store such as Planet Organic, Earth (Kentish Town), or even a H&B.