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Saturday, 13 February 2016

FISH ON BROADWAY | Tesco Express and Others

One of the main shops that a survey showed was wanted on the Broadway was a Fishmonger.  It is unlikely to happen because it is a high cost operation and unlikely to get planning in any case.

So what are our options ?  Well there is the Fish counter at Waitress in Mill Hill East or the Morrisons store up the A1. For non car owners near Broadway both of these are very time consuming and the Waitress option expensive in any case.

We have had a very small selection in Marks and Spencer of Fish but most are in the £4+ price range and some are in the £10+ range. In Iceland there is a good selection of frozen fish at decent prices but many want something fresh and ready to cook.

Once again Tesco Express has come to the rescue - at the rear of the first aisle on the right in the fridge there are a good number of fantastic options for the fish lovers on Broadway.

CHILLI SALMON FILLETS look stunning and at £3.50 for two seem amazing value and if you live on your own then you can get a single for just £1.75. This is fantastic value and will prove to be a big winner once word gets out.

SEAFOOD SELECTION is again about £3 and is a fresh selection of what you would expect which would suit starters or buffets.  Again no-where else on Broadway does this on a regular basis and this will appeal to those who love seafood.

SALMON FILLETS with separate GINGER & SOY SAUCE is a lovely fresh package for 2 fillets for just £4

ORGANIC SALMON is only £5 !!!!!

KING PRAWNS there are raw King Prawns for stir fries and chinese cooking at around £3

Dusted HADDOCK and COD  you can get two fillets for around £2.40/£2.75 of the popular fish and it looks great.

On the left hand part of the first aisle are all the spices and things you can add to your cooking. A good selection.

There are many other Fish options in the Fridge but we suggest you come down and check them out and try them out.

Obviously if you want whole fish you will need to go to the fish counters away from Broadway - but for daily cooking these three supermarkets have all the bases covered. So FISH ON BROADWAY is now a reality thanks to Tesco Express.

Mill Hill Circus Seen from Mill Hill Broadway

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