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Friday, 19 February 2016

BREAKFAST ON THE BROADWAY | Loads of tasty options for all budgets

There are many places to get some great food on Mill Hill Broadway early in the morning up  to lunchtime. Here are a few of our faves.

Half Full : Have a very extensive Breakfast menu which gives customers a huge choice and is very popular
Bluebelle's : Has a high quality Breakfast menu which again is very popular

TAKEAWAYS/Some with Seating
Gregg's : Have breakfast rolls including Bacon - Almond Croissants and a variety of doughnuts and pies.
Costa : As well as seating they have pastries and rolls but at quite a high price compared with other options on Broadway. Comfy seating !
Yummies : Bagels to go are superb and inexpensive.  Seating is also available
Tesco Express : Bakery and Fruit section as well as wraps/sandwiches. Almond Croissants 83p.

Jenny's : Offer a £2.95 deal which is hard to beat
Broadway Cafe : Also offer a really good deal which is just over £3

All of these are open early and at weekends including Sunday.  So you can have a great

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