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Friday, 15 January 2016

"SKYSCRAPERS" FOR MILL HILL | Barnet Council Plan? - read more here

Today the Mill Hill Neighbourhood Forum has published its views on the new plans for PENTAVIA PARK next to the A41 just down the road from the Broadway.  This was a large shopping complex with Argos, Comet and B&Q as well as TGI Fridays restaurant and a petrol station. This land is next to the railway at the foot of Mill Hill itself.

The plans to redevelop the shopping and add a cinema are fine according to the Forum.  However, they have revealed startling plans for 750 Flats to be built in (up to 10 story) tower blocks to be erected on the site.  This is probably where the profit is for the developers.

Already in West Hendon and Colindale there are loads of Tower Blocks being built.  We took a picture of a huge one in West Hendon in the mist a few weeks ago (See above). It towers above the area as you can see by it nestling in the clouds !  This is what Barnet Council may want for Mill Hill ?

We urge all residents of the area to consider carefully these plans and let Barnet Council know your views.

Here is a link to the PDF article by the forum commenting on the plans CLICK HERE

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