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Thursday, 14 January 2016

NORTH LONDON's PLACE TO EAT | Mill Hill Broadway 2016

We hope you are enjoying our Restaurant Guide as it gradually takes shape on the Blog.  We will be publishing the final entries this afternoon and then the INDEX GUIDE which will be the MAIN PAGE for all visitors.

Mill Hill Broadway has had to re-invent itself in the 21st Century. From being a local shopping centre (which it still is) it has become the leading restaurant and boutique clothing centre for North London.  Offering amazing continental style street cafes (even in Winter with heating) and independent restaurants mixed with some quality chains.  The street has in fact created a number of chains - with Fratelli and Delisserie leading the way.

You can be assured of a personal service in all outlets because a restaurant will not last long on this road if it is not first class.

There is something for everyone at all times of day - that makes this street very special.

There are easy transport links - so travel on a bus or train and get home easily from just about anywhere in North and South London and Hertfordshire.

Many of the restaurants have won awards from the Park Cafe to Fratelli's to the Indian and Chinese restaurants.  These are all quality outlets.

The prices are very reasonable and you will pay much less than in the West End for better food and often more of it.  There are budget restaurants and cafes for daily use and for when you need to save.

So spread the word and when the GUIDE is published tonight share it with friends both in and out of the area - invite them to come and experience NORTH LONDON'S PLACE TO EAT and let's make 2016 a bumper year for all our restaurants and businesses.

A GRAPHIC VERSION of this text based guide is in development and it will also be available as a PDF shortly.  If you have any corrections or additional information etc please e-mail us and let us know.  If you own a restaurant and you want us to take some internal photographs to use in the Guide then just e-mail us and we will come in and take them. (There is no charge for this and also please quote and use the photos). We do offer a WEB DESIGN service through Arc Media's "Broadway Web Design" and we can quote and discuss that - again at very reasonable rates.

This website and blog is in its 7th year and is a resource for the area.  It is the first choice of the search engines because it is not commercial.  Our photos are real and used by businesses and others.  We get over 100 page views most days and more in November - February. Some of our posts have had thousands of views.

The GUIDE INDEX will come out later today. Keep checking back for it.

Mill Hill Broadway in the Sunshine May 2010

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