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Wednesday, 13 January 2016

IMAGE II | Sale up to 70% off Now On

Joining some of the other shops on Mill Hill Broadway - the clothing shop Image II (which is next to the building work for the new Tesco Store) has reduced some items by up to 70%.  Please visit the shop which is on the right of the Tesco store next to Half Full.

Suzy D, Boni Caro and LA Mode have up to 70% off as well - and LOGO has up to 50% off.  Incredible discounts for 2016.

Get down to the Broadway and bag some amazing bargains at these prices for top quality goods.  This is the best time for getting bargains for many years as the shops make space for their Spring and Summer collections.

The charity shops on the Broadway also have a large amount of quality stock after Christmas at very good prices. Oxfam has various designer wear at very low prices.  These places are great to shop in and friends visited them this week and bagged several great items by shopping around.

So come on down and grab a coffee and lunch this week and support the hard working businesses on Mill Hill Broadway. 

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