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Friday, 7 January 2011

Schools to blame for traffic chaos in Mill Hill

Today figures have been released by the Department for Transport showing that BARNET has the 4th highest number of children taken to school per day by car in the UK. Those of us who drive know that Mill Hill comes to a standstill every morning and every afternoon especially around the Ridgeway and Totteridge Lane and the Broadway - with most pupils travelling to school by car.

It would be fantastic is Barnet Council could encourage more children to walk to school and try and take 50% of this traffic off the roads of Barnet each day. Mill Hill is a wonderful place in the school holidays because it is virtually traffic free. The cafes on the Broadway benefit from less traffic and residents from quieter roads as well.

If you take your children to school by car in Mill Hill then perhaps you should consider other ways they could get to school in order to free up our clogged roads due to the school run. Being 4th in the UK in such a table is a very poor reflection on the parenting in the area because our local children are not getting exercise or fresh air and pollution is higher because of the school run which will increase asthma rates for children in the area.

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