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Saturday, 15 January 2011

BARNET FC called "Scum Club" in Massive Row

Tonight the good name of BARNET FC as a friendly family club is being dragged through the mud after a controversial incident during half time at today's football match v Shrewsbury Town FC which ended 1 - 1.

A charity fundraiser who has been let in to club's fundraising around the UK was refused entry at half time despite offering money to get in. BARNET were the only club in the UK who have done this.

Worse than this the Charity Fundraiser did not have any money on him due to circumstances on his 160 mile cycle ride to the ground - and if he did not step foot in the ground the TENS OF THOUSANDS raised for charity would be lost.

So what did the stewards and police do ? They could have let him in to "set foot" for just 5 mins to help the charity or let him in for free and ask him to post the entrance fee next week........

No they barred him forcing him to jump the barrier in order to set foot and thus getting arrested , charged and injured by the Police in the process.

This really is poor behaviour and reflects badly on BARNET FC and BARNET as an area and gives BARNET an awful reputation.

Here at BROADWAY BLOG we are always positive and always look for "BIG SOCIETY" and we are pleased that most people and organisations in BARNET do this - but today has shown that BARNET FC are not one of those organisations and have brought the area into disrepute. I really hope that BARNET FC ( who in my experience is an excellent club and friendly ) make it up to this poor man and persuade the Police to drop the charges and make amends for handling the incident so badly.

In our view it is completely the fault of BARNET FC and they have no excuse. There were other ways to deal with this situation in a friendly and fair way.

LINK to more on STORY HERE

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