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Wednesday, 22 December 2010


Today with some sort of normality finally returning to Mill Hill Broadway almost every person has a story to tell about the "snow events" that took place at the weekend.

Many shops on the Broadway managed to stay open on Saturday - even though Brent Cross closed.

However, many cars got stuck and many people had to leave their cars. One local shopworker left at lunchtime to go home to Stevenage and found that from the Broadway to Stirling Corner ( less than a mile ) it took him around 3 and a half hours to travel that short distance.

So if you got stuck at the weekend because of the snow I hope you are fully recovered.

We will have a SPECIAL "SECRET OF MILL HILL BROADWAY" story for you all on Christmas Eve so make sure you call in on Christmas Eve to find out a secret which has been revealed to us by a Broadway will make you smile !

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