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Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Snow and Ice Cause Travel Problems for Mill Hill

According to the national rail site most trains have been cancelled through Mill Hill Broadway today and the roads are quiet ( see photo of A1 on the right taken just now by TFL ) and it seems many buses are not running. Though conditions are no-where near as bad as in Surrey where the local Police have said :

"Supt Chris Moon of Surrey Police said the county's conditions were the worst he had ever seen and were likely to deteriorate further. He said people should not travel unless they had to, adding: "I have put out several severe weather warnings in my career, but this one I really must stress."

The HENDON TIMES has been carrying warnings not to travel unless it is necessary and to take warm clothes and hot drinks with you. Although the A1 seems clear - once you get into the surrounding counties and especially Essex - Surrey - Sussex and Kent it seems conditions are dreadful.

Our advice is to walk to the ADAM and EVE and settle down for a beer and some food ! Opened TODAY !

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