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Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Local "Scrooge" Tries to Close Down Local Museum !

Not content with trying to close down Mill Hill Library a Barnet councillor called "Robert Rams" is now trying to close down our only museum in the Mill Hill/Hendon area devoted to local history. This is quite simply outrageous and generations of schoolchildren and adults who love this museum will be appalled to hear this.

A petition has been set up to try and save the museum and details have been covered by the local press HERE

Today in the BARNET EYE blog it is also clear that Robert Rams is avoiding answering any questions from several thousand local council taxpayers about his plans to start closing local libraries with one library already earmarked for closure.

BROADWAY BLOG is about the "Big Society" that David Cameron vowed would be the hallmark of his New Conservative Party - the idea of community and people helping each other. We believe that closing down the very few community facilities in our area is an attack on the policy of the National Conservative party and an attack on the very idea of the "Big Society" which is a vision I would hope that we all share for our area.

Therefore, we hope that not only can EVERY library be saved but also the ONE museum in our area - which is quite simply a fabulous museum ( We will do a feature on it next week and we encourage you to visit and show your support for the museum and if you are a teacher or Youth Worker then we urge you to book a trip for your Year - Class - School - College - Youth Club - Society ) right now to show Robert Rams that we will not give up the few facilities that we have without a massive fight.

Robert Rams wins our local "SCROOGE" of the Year Award for 2010-11 and we hope that on Christmas Eve he is visited by three ghosts who help him to see the error of his ways :-)


  1. The "Ram-Raider" strikes again!! All this money they say they will save, where are they going to spend it? Increasing their allowances next year as well......... Angry of Mill Hill

  2. Totally agree Ainelivia. Happy Christmas.

  3. And a Merry Christmas and a Better New Year to you BB. thanks for keeping us up to date with local goings on. You have been one of my Blog Finds of 2010, along with 99% is, and Mrs Angry of Broken Barnet.

    Remember the battle cry - Barnet Bloggers Rule! (-:

  4. Barnet Bloggers certainly do rule. Have you checked out the link to the left to the TIMES SERIES BLOG which I follow ? It is really excellent as well. I enjoy your blogs very much as well :-) Your M&S story had me laughing out loud and your photos are superb. I went up to the Ridgeway earlier and it is still stunning up there especially looking over the Totteridge valley. Lets hope in 2011 the Barnet Bloggers can provide a useful platform for local people as we try to limit the damage from the cuts.....and encourage people to shop local and use local facilities.