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Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Broadway Lights Looking fantastic tonight - Shopping Update

The Broadway looks fantastic tonight with flashing light displays and Christmas trees in most shops.

The icy cold weather brings a fantastic seasonal feel and the shops are very very busy.

Marks and Spencer - Iceland and Cookseys all have Qs of people getting food sorted and there are many offers in all these shops. Worth getting stuff now before the shelves are stripped of the essentials.

Order you turkey this week from Cookseys as well or any other special joints for each of the holidays. A small deposit secures what you want.

Buying local keeps the Broadway special and so please shop on the Broadway this Christmas and avoid the Superstores where possible. There is better quality on the Broadway than at any supermarket and there is the very cheap food that is available at Iceland which is very very popular with kids and families on limited budgets. Also in Mill Hill we have a Waitrose at Mill Hill East which offers Duchy Originals food products.

Finally Remember MILL HILL WINES have the best value champagne in London and so buy yours early before they sell out.

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