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Friday, 26 November 2010

Stunning OXFAM Christmas Cards

If you have not seen the amazing selection of Christmas cards in the BROADWAY Oxfam you are missing out. This year sees the best designs that I can remember.

Sending a card ( even if you are Jewish or Muslim ) is a tradition in the UK and a way of showing that you care. Better than a gift. It is a way of catching up with people you have lost touch with.

OXFAM cards are recycled - they are made in the UK - they support UK charities as well as many of the worldwide appeals. Therefore EVERY PENNY counts when you buy these cards in the OXFAM shop.

So if you have not got your cards yet why not get them from the BROADWAY OXFAM rather than Tescos -or Waitrose or Asda or pound shops. Then you know that you will be supporting the environment and your money will make a difference to someone else's life. Finally, the cards are actually better than any others on the market - and dont leave it too late because they usually sell out by the week before Christmas !

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