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Friday, 26 November 2010

Mill Hill Students and Schoolchildren at the Fees Protests

It is very exciting that the young people of Mill Hill are at the forefront of the protests against the unfair cuts being proposed by Parliament.

There has been much coverage in the National Media and loads of mentions of the schools and colleges that were represented at the protest.

A very good article is in the GUARDIAN today HERE which shows the power of the demos.

TUESDAY 30 NOVEMBER : National Day of Action. All schoolchildren and college students are being urged to down pens and once again take to the streets. On RADIO 4 "TODAY" programme this morning the new Labour leader Ed Milliband has said he is likely to join them on the streets on Tuesday.

Our LIBRARY is under threat because of these cuts. Our co uncillors spend more on their expenses between them than the money that would be saved annually by closing the libraries - so please sign the petition ( link to the right of this article ) Over 4,000 have signed this and 7,000 are needed to trigger a debate at Barnet Council. Spread the word even if you cant march with the Schoolchildren next Tuesday.

This blog is non political but will always stand up against unfairness and for the residents of Mill Hill - especially the old - the young - and the vulnerable. It is time for us all to stand shoulder to shoulder and ask our politicians to cut their spending on weapons and on bail outs rather than on services for the most needy in society. Our generation will be judged on how we look after the weak and poor. The message of Christmas is exactly that - a message for the poor and needy.

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