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Friday, 19 November 2010


The Fire Brigade were called tonight at 6.24 by a local resident when an electrical fire broke out at the rear ceiling space of THE TARTAN TURTLE shop on the Broadway. "After the flats above the shops suddenly filled with smoke we immediately dialled 999 - The Fire Brigade asked us to evacuate all the flats in the building at 6.24 and by the time we had made our way to the pavement the Engine was there and firemen were entering the building with thermal equipment to get to the seat of the fire and smoke in order to extinguish it." he reported to Broadway Blog

The fire was put out and shopkeepers called as the Tartan Turtle was filled with smoke.

Local resident former Barnet Times journalist and part time Media Studies teacher at Copthall School Mr Mark Richards ( 62 years old ) was also on the scene. Mark had experience as a volunteer firefighter in his home town in Yorkshire and was very impressed with the quick response by the fire brigade.  " They had the whole incident under control immediately and it was very impressive" he told the blog.

Local Estate Agents RICHARD JAMES were also on the spot during the incident and the owners of LAYLA offered hot drinks to the shop owner as the Fire Brigade held an impromptu fire advice session for all the residents and shop owners to conclude. The local PCSOs also checked the situation and made sure that the residents and shop-owners were safe.

As far as we know the damage was confined to a rear room of the shop but if we hear any more news on this event we will post it when we get it.

Residents and Shop owners wish to express their gratitude to the Fire Brigade from Mill Hill station for such a prompt and helpful response to the emergency.

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