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Saturday, 13 November 2010

CHRISTMAS CARDS on sale now from Oxfam

If you go to OXFAM today or next week you will see a wonderful display of the superb Christmas Cards that are on sale. It is best to buy Charity Cards from Charity Shops ( and we have several on the Broadway ) because it means not only the profit goes to charity but the distribution profit as well.

There are many different sets at Oxfam with both religious and non religious designs. They are bright - some are funny - and all are colourful and of great quality.

Sending a card is a wonderful way of keeping in touch with friends and neighbours. It is an act of giving and love this Festive Season and probably more important than any expensive gift. Sending an E card is ok - but you cant place it on the mantelpiece or wall !! unless you print it off of course !

Sending a Charity Card means you are also giving to a good cause. Oxfam is the biggest giver of aid in the UK to the World. So this Christmas why not call in the Oxfam shop on the Broadway and see how lovely these quality cards are and help others.

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