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Wednesday, 10 November 2010

3,000 Signatures so far for SAVE THE LIBRARY petition !

The petition for saving BARNET's libraries now has over 3,000 signatures. Please take some time today to add your name. Nearly 400 of these are on the "On Line" petition. It takes one minute to sign the petition and if 7,000 names can be added then a debate by the Council on the issue can take place. If we lose our library in Mill Hill it would be a devastating blow to our community which has very few local resources provided by our Council. We have no other public buildings in Mill Hill - no Youth Clubs - no council shop services - in fact the Library is all there is.......and therefore is very important. It is where the local Police hold local forums - where local councillors and MPs hold their surgeries and it is always busy with a thriving children's library plus a well used set of PC terminals.

Dont wait until it is cut. One minute can help save our library. Link to the right of this article.

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