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Monday, 18 October 2010

One Week on and we get Winter !

What a difference a week makes. I go away in Sunshine and return to almost sub zero temps here in Mill Hill.

So what have we got to look forward to this Autumn and Winter ?

Great strong red wines from MILL HILL WINES to eat with stews or maybe the excellent Lamb Shanks from ICELAND ( 2 for £5.50 from the fresh meat section at the back ) and the BUTCHER On the Broadway is doing diced beef for stews which is superb or chicken for around £6.99 per KG.

The Churches are getting ready for Advent and Christmas Services which we will post on here as soon as we know them - make sure you get to one and sing some carols. It is good for the soul !!!

It terms of shopping it is worth checking out the autumn and winter collections in the clothes shops. The Charity Shops are full of good quality second hand stuff at the moment and are very busy I have been told by the Oxfam manager.

The street cafes are suprisingly busy because most of them have heaters ! so you can still sit out but make sure you wrap up well.

The Broadway is quiet this morning but I am sure as the day goes on it will get busier

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