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Monday, 4 October 2010


The Daily Mail has more photos and lots more about the X FACTOR house here in Mill Hill ( see our previous blog with maps etc )

It seems that already some papers are running stories about teenagers trying to get into the grounds ( Daily Express ) ! Things can only get busier as the series progresses and half term at the end of October is bound to see huge crowds in Mill Hill to try and get autographs.

Exciting times !

One other blogger that we follow here at Broadway Blog ( Ainelivia ) has already pointed out the long distance from the Broadway station to the house - but I wonder if that will put off the fans ? They will certainly be getting fit if they try to walk it - but perhaps the Taxi Services next to the Station will see loads of extra business in the coming months ! We will keep everyone posted and try and take some photos of the chaos at half term !

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