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Saturday, 18 September 2010


The extremely exciting and successful visit by Pope Benedict to the UK this morning moves to WESTMINSTER CATHEDRAL for a Mass at 10a.m. Watch live HERE

Cardinal Herbert Vaughn who is buried in Mill Hill supervised the building of Westminster Cathedral as Archbishop at that time and a Chantry bearing his name and statue is off the North Transept in the cathedral which is well worth a visit if you have not been.

Mill Hill has a rich Catholic tradition with the largest Church on the Broadway being the Sacred Heart Catholic Church which is always busy and is an important meeting place in Mill Hill.

Mill Hill's churches and Jewish community appreciate that Mill Hill is an area of true religious freedom and work together regularly.

Our religious houses in Mill Hill are part of our communities identity and glue for us who live and work in the area.

Today when the Pope celebrates Mass it is good to know that Westminster Cathedral has a direct link to Mill Hill.

Anyone else who knows more about Cardinal Vaughn please post and let us know.

Tonight many pilgrims from Mill Hill will be at Hyde Park for the vigil with the Pope.

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