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Sunday, 22 August 2010

Next Week : Loads of Shop and Business reviews

You may have noticed that this week we have not posted much news. This is because we have been out and about taking photos and looking at loads of shops on the Broadway and in the area.

We are about to launch a DIRECTORY section for this BLOG.

So this week expect to see loads of new photos and reviews of businesses and the start of our MILL HILL DIRECTORY which will list every shop and business in the area.

Visit us this week and catch up on the progress.


  1. Great site.

    Only issue is that you make out that all shops in Mill Hill are perfect and all reviews are only positive

    We need a more independent review as at the moment is too one sided

    Hope dont mind the feedback not ment to be negative

    Keep up the good work

  2. Hallo BB have been checking back regularly to see the promised reviews, mentioned here in august, hope you are ok

  3. Thanks for the comments. There is nothing stopping anyone else adding their own reviews of both GOOD and BAD experiences on the Broadway. There would be no censorship on here. At the moment I am generally reviewing the businesses that I already use - hence they are going to be very positive. I have had two bad experiences on the Broadway in all the time I have been here - but interestingly BOTH those businesses are no longer trading.

    I will accept any reviews onto this BLOG from anyone who would like to write. Though This blog is to help promote what is good about this area - it could also inform or warn if something is not good. I do take your point on that.

    The DIRECTORY is taking longer than I thought and I only have limited time. But I would hope to have something up soon and then it will be back to the Daily News reports.
    Thank you again both of you for your comments - much appreciated.