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Sunday, 22 August 2010

Happy Birthday to ROGER ( Barnet Eye - Mill Hill Music )

Story HERE

We at BROADWAY BLOG want to wish ROGER at Barnet Eye a very happy birthday. Mill Hill resident and campaigner, organiser and owner of the greatest Music Studio complex in London. A man who gives more of himself to this area than anyone could ever imagine.

I would hope our local grandees would recognise this one day in the Birthday Honours ! For his contribution to Music and Mill Hill alone he qualifies with knobs on.

It may not be sunny but if you are in Mill Hill today head down to the cafes and bars and pubs and restaurants and raise a glass to "OUR ROGER" - they are already busy today as they have been on Sundays all summer.

Mill Hill Broadway is certainly the place to be on a Sunday. Great food - great churches - great company and great vibe.



  1. Thanks,

    I was in Sharm El Shiek for my Birthday, but I'm just back and off out for a curry !

  2. Fantastic stuff. Congrats on the coverage of the Barnet Leadership and Council events. It is stunning stuff and much better than anything in the press or TV about events. It is like our very own Eastenders playing out in Barnet !