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Thursday, 5 August 2010

ALLOWANCEGATE ROW rumbles on at Barnet Council

It is very clear that the allowance scandal which threatens our democracy here in Mill Hill - Barnet is still rumbling on with the local press still in overdrive and local blogs continuing to keep up the pressure whilst thousands have signed the petitions against these awful rises.

If you are not yet aware or want to catch up with the latest then the BARNET EYE blog has the most up to date information HERE and links to all the petitions which we encourage you to sign in the spirit of democracy and fairness. Broadway Blog is not politically aligned in any way but will always seek to stand up for local business and people when we feel that our area is suffering. This is one of these occasions. In addition we disagree with the Brent Cross development which we believe will have an adverse effect on Mill Hill, not least because of plans for a dangerous incinerator. We do suggest that people join the Mill Hill Preservation Society in order to preserve the beauty of this area as well and to not let developers run riot in our back yard !

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