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Saturday, 17 July 2010


The latest addition to Mill Hill is YOGOPINK - a frozen yoghurt restaurant and takeaway. The first thing to notice is that it is decorated in a pink theme. Youngsters especially girls are going to love that !

The second thing is that the Yoghurts are fat free - making them a really healthy alternative to ice creams and much fast food.

You get presented with a choice of three sizes. The small is quite a decent size and at £2.50 wont break the bank. You can then top your yoghurt with either healthy toppings - including most fruits and berries or go for the sweet choice which includes favourites like smarties - which is the topping we chose.

The yoghurt is very refreshing and has a lovely tangy flavour - is ice cold - and with the sweet topping really hit the spot.

This restaurant may not be a regular visit for everyone but for families who want to encourage healthy eating and take the family out to a pleasant well appointed restaurant this is probably the best option on the Broadway for a night or afternoon out after school. Certainly when we visited it was very busy as you can see from the photograph

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