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Sunday, 25 July 2010


The last 14 days have seen record numbers visiting the blog as we add more links ( More to come ) and start reviewing Restaurants and local businesses. Remember you can share any of our info with your friends by clicking on the Social Network buttons underneath.

We are the only non - political blog about the community in Barnet from what I can see : which makes this blog very special. Most blogs are people talking about themselves or with a political slant.

Broadway Blog is fiercely independent. You can therefore trust BROADWAY BLOG to tell it as it is with no spin. We are positive and supportive of our community here in wonderful MILL HILL and want to see every business and person living here reaching their true potential and happiness.

The mass media and bloggerdom tends to concentrate on the bad in society. On here we want to be positive and celebrate all that is good in Mill Hill. So why not bookmark this site and come over every day or so - and invite your friends. This unique site is totally different - and we want to make a difference. Thank you to everyone who is sharing our Blog with others. Become a follower - add it to your side bars - and spread the word. Mill Hill is awesome.

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