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Friday, 23 July 2010

Things to do this Weekend in Mill Hill

Well the sun is not shining all the time but there is still plenty to do this weekend in the Mill Hill area and on the Broadway - here are our suggestions. ( Pictured The Broadway on a recent Sunday )

1. Visit a new restaurant : why not try the new menu at Half Full, visit the newly refurbished Pizza Express that re-opened this week, visit Yogopink and try out the frozen yoghurts that has just opened.

2. Go out for the day to Finchley Farmers Market at Avenue House. New in the last two months and proving very popular. 10a.m - 3p.m on Sunday.

3. Take A Walk round Mill Hill Park and visit Mill Hill Park Cafe for lunch. Fantastic menu.

4. Take A Walk through the Arrandene public space and end up at The Three Hammers for lunch or for dinner

5. Visit the sales in Mill Hill and have Morning coffee in one of the Cafes or breakfast first on Sunday.

6. Visit one of Mill Hill's churches or Synagogues this weekend for a spiritual treat.

One thing is for sure - there is plenty to do in Mill Hill from free activities like the wonderful walks to some of the best food in the South East and the best shopping.

Have a wonderful weekend.

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