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Friday, 2 July 2010

Over 600 visits to BROADWAY NEWS and BLOG in first month

We are delighted that over 600 visits have been made to this site in its very first month without any advertising at all. For much of the month we have been getting used to the format and trying things out - so please keep visiting because the quality will be improving all the time.

In addition at the end of July we will begin our advertising push around Mill Hill to bring in the local community to the site as it launches with a website attached and loads of information. We hope we are addressing the issues you want to read about - and if you want to contact us please do and let us know any news and what you want to know.

Thank you to Roger T at BARNET EYE blog for bringing us to the attention of his thousands of readers earlier in the month. The support of other Barnet websites is much appreciated and we will be updating our links to link to every Barnet and area website that supports the community.

Have a great July.

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