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Wednesday, 28 July 2010


We are lucky in Mill Hill to have probably the best independent off license in North London on the Broadway. Many people travel miles to buy their wines and champagnes from Mill Hill Wines.

When you enter the shop it is worth noting that there is such a selection that it may take some time to move around the shop and actually realise that there is everything from Supermarket prices to bottles that cost hundreds of pounds.

Where the shop really comes into its own is its sourcing of amazing estate wines at knockdown prices. Wines such as the Spanish and Portugese reds which have been on offer this summer at less than a tenner which are so good.

Mill Hill Wines also sells an estate bottled Premier Cru Champagne which is the equal of any champagne which costs twice as much - and is usually priced for less than the supermarket fizzes.

In addition the shop carries a small real ale selection and some continental special beers and ciders as well as some spirits.

With offers on cases and a very friendly service ( and the staff often help customers carry their purchases to the car if there is alot !) this is an off license where everyone should go. In addition it is always worth asking the staff to point you in the right direction ! So far when we have been into the shop every time we have asked we have come out with something very special and reasonably priced.

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