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Saturday, 31 July 2010

Mill Hill Observatory and First Light Remote Viewing milestone

The UCL Mill Hill Observatory is a local landmark. A series of DOMES breaking through the greenery next to the A41 and Mill Hill Park.

Built in the mid 1920s - with that tantalising 1927 link with the development of the A41 into a dual carriageway and the development of Mill Hill Broadway that year.

The Observatory has a very informative website about its telescopes and activities HERE and of particular interest is the news that they have used REMOTE observing on 21 July 2010 for the first time - check out the full story HERE

"A milestone in this process was passed on 2010 July 21, when student Jakub Bochinski controlled a C14 telescope and its CCD camera from his home in central London, using a web-based interface – the first remote observation to be conducted at ULO. As well as calibration frames, a set of 'first light' images of the planetary nebula M27, was obtained. ( See link for image)"

Of interest to locals are the tours that are sometimes offered and can be booked privately for groups for just £85. In addition the Observatory has a weather page for Mill Hill and astronomers locally which is in the links section which is very extensive for those interested in sky gazing.

A very unique place and another reason that Mill Hill is so special. Dont forget to use the SUBWAYS under the A41 and look at the murals which show the planets in one and the actual observatory in the other. Truly Mill Hill is linked to the stars !

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