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Saturday, 10 July 2010

HALF FULL : Restaurant Review

Mill Hill Broadway has fantastic restaurants and here is our first short review of one that has opened in the last year.

HALF FULL is a Spanish type of restaurant with seat seating and has the new windows which pull back to open the whole restaurant to the street.

A Friday night on the hottest day of the year so far seemed ideal to go out for mediterranean experience.

To start with a cool White Sauvignon wine was accompanied by a dish of olives. Lovely and plum with a selection in an olive oil and herb dressing. The wine crisp and cold and perfect for the weather.

We then had to wait whilst our main course was prepared which allowed us time to enjoy the music and watch the world go by. The restaurant was cool and relaxing with many arriving after working on the Broadway for a drink or food.

We chose the mixed meat and fish PAELLA for two. It arrived and was truly stunning. Huge king prawns - wedges of lemon - mussels - chicken - sliced peppers and so on. It also tasted as good as it looked. It was very authentic and a totally unique experience for us in London. You would usually have to travel to the coast or abroad for something as wonderful as this. A lovely lemon bowl of water was provided for hands. Filling and full of flavours and colours

With a superb coffee to finish which HALF FULL is renowned for the meal for two and two drinks each came to £35. Which is fantastic value for a couple of perfect hours on a Friday night.

HALF FULL is a must visit destination in Mill Hill. A wonderful meal and a lovely evening out.

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