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Friday, 30 July 2010

COOKSLEYS : Real Butcher on the Broadway

Nearly every meat I have ever had from any London supermarket has been tasteless. Not suprising seeing as much of it has been processed and put in plastic - and maybe mass produced. We are very lucky on the Broadway to still have a traditional butchers - Cooksleys.

Their informative website is HERE and in the summer they produce a large number of BAR B Q kebabs which not only cost very little but taste amazing. Their chickens are free range and again are at least 5 times better than anything that can be purchased at a Supermarket. The beef and lamb and pork is what you would expect. Properly sourced - hung - matured - and then cut specifically for sale.

On price the quality here means that you can get cheaper and better. So it amazes me that anyone would even bother to walk over the road to Marks and Spencers for any meat produce when we have such a fine shop on the Broadway.

So when having a roast this weekend or a BAR B Q make sure you go to this superb butchers and taste the difference.

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