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Sunday, 13 June 2010


The THREE HAMMERS has an £8 a bottle wine offer this evening ( see below for more information ) and after Robert Green's howler last night I am sure that many people will be heading up the hill to the HAMMERS in order to take advantage of this offer.

Supporting our businesses in Mill Hill is vital. Once they are lost to housing they are lost forever. Our few remaining pubs and the shops and restaurants rely on us the local population for their basic running costs. Without us they fail and most of them provide jobs for our community and incomes.

Shopping local is not just a catchy phrase for those who want to be cool - it is essential for a community to try and spend a reasonable amount of their income locally. By doing this the locality thrives and everyone has good places to go and shop.

Spread the word about your favourite shops and restaurants and pubs in Mill Hill - post on here and tell us about them. Take your friends and invite them out from where you perhaps work in the City etc for a "Mill Hill Experience"

These are some of the things we could talk about at the HAMMERS tonight ! ( rather than the football )

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