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Thursday, 24 June 2010

Threat to our Air Quality from proposed Brent Cross Incinerator

We are not a political site at all. We exist to promote the Broadway and Mill Hill area. However, it has been drawn to our attention that plans to site a massive incinerator at Brent Cross could adversely effect us and our air quality here in Mill Hill. This awful scheme needs to be stopped. Other urban areas have suffered from huge increases in cancer rates when such incinerators have been sited within them. Not least the smell of perfumed waste permeating the area at night ( Visit Edmonton and see how awful it is at night in that area which has a smaller incinerator )

There is a blog which is a rallying point for opposition - please visit it and in the interests of Mill Hill support it. It will be too late when the thing is built. The blog is NON political.

Visit the blog HERE

Let's work together to protect Mill Hill for future generations.

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