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Saturday, 5 June 2010

Things to do this Weekend in Mill Hill

It is 8a.m Saturday and the sun is shining on Mill Hill Broadway. This weekend there are plenty of things to do in Mill Hill. Here are some suggestions :

+ Enjoy brunch at one of the Street Cafes on Mill Hill. On the "sunny side" you have the excellent HALF FULL with their extensive breakfast and brunch menu and excellent coffee which opens at 8a.m. There are also cheaper cafes on the other side such as JENNYS

+ Go to the PARK in the sun and enjoy the new ADVENTURE playground if you have kids.

+ Lunch is perfect in the Park with the mediteranean menu from the PARK CAFE and ice creams

+ If you want to shop on Mill Hill Broadway then why not go to the Charity Shops and pick up some bargains and help a few good causes. Oxfam - Cancer Charities - Jewish Charities - all have shops with good prices and quality.

+ In the evening the BROADWAY has the best restaurants in London. Choose from Chinese "Good Earth", "Hees" to Indian " Day of the Raj", "Mill Hill Tandoori" to Mediteranean " Half Full" ,"Olives", "Layla" so why go anywhere else.


+ At St Michaels Church the Classic Mill Hill Festival starts on Sunday afternoon with a £5 Organ Recital including Tea ! which is fantastic value ( continues all week ) See our preview.

+ Why not support one of the two churches this weekend and visit them for a morning service SACRED HEART ( Roman Catholic ) or ST MICHAELS ( Church of England )

+ If you are having a BAR B Q on Sunday evening or friends around then get your supplies from Mill Hill's Butcher on the BROADWAY who are doing a wide selection of KEBABS and your WINES and BEERS from the independent MILL HILL WINES where we recommend the Portugese and Spanish wines which are on offer there at the moment ( Just ask them for advice!)

So why not make a real weekend of it in MILL HILL this weekend ( and every weekend ) in one of the loveliest locations in London with plenty to do and see. We know that is what we will be doing !


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  2. Fantastic. I am putting up a load of links to other local blogs etc later this week and will add yours.