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Monday, 7 June 2010


Sources have spoken to BROADWAY BLOG about the downturn in the economy effecting the pubs in the Mill Hill Broadway and Mill Hill East area. The "Adam and Eve" and "Angel and Crown" are both thought to be at risk from the downturn. Already many pubs have been turned into housing which though essential does not contribute to the community of an area.

We would encourage everyone to get out to a Mill Hill pub this week for lunch one day and dinner on another day and try to make this a habit for the rest of 2010. Once we lose our pubs they will never return. Like our churches which are being demolished right now..........

Here is a recent list of pubs in NW7 from CAMRA for you to check out HERE

If anyone has any suggestions or reviews of their favourite pubs or news about openings/closures please post in the comments section. It is simple to join "Google" or "Blogger" in order to post.

Sunny spells on the Broadway this morning. A muted rush hour. Rain expected on Tuesday to Thursday so make the most of today.

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