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Monday, 28 June 2010


NORMAN JAMES General Store has been on the Broadway for many years. The last of the General Stores which dominated the road in its first 50 years of existence.

Recently "In and Out" which was next door has merged with Norman James and the store has been extended out to create a very very large shop. If you have not been in this year then you are missing out.

The store now has at its front the only non supermarket Fresh Fruit and Veg on the Broadway ( The Green Chillies are marvellous ) and once inside the left hand aisle has all the household hardware that Norman James has been famous for....and then the right hand aisle has the Grocery and food sections and a small pharmacy section.

The Store is a truly independent operation and opens long hours. It has many loyal customers and though sometimes a bit more pricey than the supermarkets - it has the advantage of being our last local General Store - and for that alone it should be supported by the people of Mill Hill. For those who dont have a car and cant travel to big stores it is a wonderful gem of a shop and a reminder of what a real High Street should be like.

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