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Tuesday, 15 June 2010

MUSIC : The industry in Mill Hill

It is no secret to "Millhillians" that our local industry is the service industry and we have many people who work in music living and working in the area.

The World Famous "Mill Hill Rehearsal Studios" and "Recording Studios" Just around the corner in Bunns Lane are well established providing many great bands with facilities from Amy Winehouse to Madness to the Damned and loads of local bands. They even have a youth project running now for young people.

In addition the famous LORD LEVY our Lord of Mill Hill was one of the biggest record company bosses of the 70s and there are many labels based in Mill Hill to this day and many who work for record companies.

In terms of live music venues we dont actually have one - yet we have a number of festivals in Jazz - Classical and a Metal Festival ! As well as the bi-annual Mill Hill Festival itself.

Bands and performers who have come from Mill Hill include Paul Young , Minus IQ ( Now UP ! ) and the False Dots......but I am sure you know more and we would welcome comments and links by bands on this thread to their music.

Check out Mill Hill Studios HERE
or their website HERE

and local record company
Organic Records HERE

and the Mill Hill Festival

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