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Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Mill Hill Garden Centre SALE StARTS Thursday 1 July

Well worth visiting DAWS LANE and MILL HILL GARDEN CENTRE on Thursday or the weekend. Their annual "Up to 50% off" sale starts. Last year we got ourselves some lovely vases and some Pot Pourri cheaply for here at BB HQ. If you join their GARDENING CLUB then you can get 3 lavender plants for £10 saving nearly half price as well in July ! Which are great for the Garden or Window Sill.

The Garden Centre has a lovely cafe overlooking what would have been the old Swimming Pool ! and the Garden Centre is worth a morning or afternoon of your time.

The weather is great for making the most of your garden or window box - and Mill Hill Garden Centre is part of the Market Leading chain in the UK with an unrivalled selection.

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