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Thursday, 17 June 2010


We used to have a large LIDO on Daws Lane for summer days in the Park. Now that has been replaced by an excellent GARDEN CENTRE - Mill Hill Gardens ( Used to be Country Gardens in the 80s before being brought by the Wyevale Group ).

The Garden Centre has everything you need for your garden but a whole lot more. There is an "Fish" centre - a gift centre - and a restaurant.

We always find good gifts as well as plants at the Garden Centre. At the weekend we went to a Music Festival and camped - complete with our large "Windmill" purchased from the Garden Centre - they come in several sizes and are bright enough to fool the local bumble bees into thinking they are flowers !

So why not check out the GARDEN CENTRE on Daws Lane this weekend and get out into the garden to enjoy the weather ! ( and get your own colourful windmill from Mill Hill !! )

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