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Tuesday, 15 June 2010


With the sun shining so brightly this morning let me sumarise the breakfast options on the Broadway for you. There are plenty :

JENNYS : Long time favourite of the bus drivers looking for a good fix of freshly cooked food. Offering a myriad of breakfast choices all day starting very cheaply.

HALF FULL : Opening at 8ish on weekdays and 9 at weekends with their street cafe seating this is proving to be the most popular destination in the morning with a menu of breakfast items and some fine coffee. Not as cheap as Jenny's but a fantastic way to start the day.

GREIGS : If you cant afford the time to sit down then Greigs also opens early and does their famous Sausage rolls and bacon butties for those who like a pick me up fix.

Of course there are other options - so it is worth trying everything out. Why not pop along to the Broadway this week whilst the sun is shining and bring some friends.

Once again please add some comments if you want to recommend a place you have had breakfast on the Broadway or nearby.

Off to sit in the sun myself in a few minutes.

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